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citizens insurance

Citizens Insurance

Citizens Insurance company is a non-profit, tax-exempt government corporation set up to provide insurance protection to Florida property owners statewide. The corporation provides insurance insures to hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses, and condominiums whose owners otherwise might not be able to find coverage. Citizens Insurance provides coverage for multiple perils to property owners. Citizens Insurance also has additional policies available such as wind and sinkhole policies. Discounts can be obtained for for compliance with certain building construction techniques, such as compliance with Florida building code, storm shutters, and impact resistant windows. Property owners can earn significant discounts or secure insurance eligibility by completing Insurance Inspections. Property owners can obtain up to 60% discounts by submitting a qualifying Wind Mitigation Inspection. Citizen's mission, coverage options, and discounts make it the top provider of Florida home insurance by market share.

If you need a FREE Wind Mitigation Inspection Form please click here

citizens insurance



citizens insurance


Citizens Insurance - 4 Easy Steps to Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Because Florida has the highest insurance rates in the country, it is wise to utilize every method available to lower the cost of your homeowners insurance policy, or other commercial property insurances. We can help. THESE 4 STEPS WILL WORK WITH ANY COMPANY PROVIDING INSURANCE IN FLORIDA. 

  1. Order a Wind Mitigation Inspection by clicking here now
  2. Use Your Completed Inspection with the Florida Wind Mitigation Discount Calculator (Click Here)
  3. Submit the completed Certified Wind Mitigation Inspection Report to your insurance company
  4. Consider making upgrades to your roof by installing additional mitigation devices to receive discounts

Our certified Wind Mitigation Inspector can examine your roof and have a detailed inspection report back to you within 24 hours, and ready to submit to your insurance company. Please click here if you need a FREE Wind Mitigation Inspection Form.


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