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Property Condition Assessment

Commercial Building Inspection for Office, Retail, Industrial, Warehouse, Multi-Family Property

A Commercial building inspection is for property buyers and existing property owners as well as property management companies. Whether evaluating a new investment or investigating existing property conditions, Inspectors Inc. can help. Our goal is to provide a thorough commercial building inspection for the buyer and addressing the concerns of referring Real Estatecommercial building inspection Professionals. This is why we provide punctual and professional service with superior quality inspections and detailed inspection reports. Known as a Property Condition Assessment (CPA), we deliver this report within 48 hours. We use the ASTM Standared E 2018-08 as out baseline starting point, but every commercial building inspection automatically includes: Thermal Imaging and Mold Risk Assessments. We also provide every referring Real Estate Professional with automatic referral insurance coverage under our insurance policy.

At Inspectors, Inc., a commercial building inspection includes an evaluation of the current condition and the estimated life expectancy of all major components. This includes repair and replacement estimates. The commercial building inspection will include visual inspection, Infrared/Thermal Imaging scans, photos, written assessments and list deficiencies (if present) for the roof systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems, HVAC systems, appliances and/or equipment, interior/exterior systems, and structural components. 

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commercial Inspection

 A Commercial Building Inspection Report Includes:

Our commercial building inspection includes an assessment of current condition, life expectancy, repair/replacement estimates for roof systems, electrical system inspection, plumbing system inspection including hot water heaters, HVAC units, heat systems, interior/exterior walls, and other associated fixtures or structural wall components. 


commercial Inspection

What is a Property Condition Assessment

A Property Condition Assessment (PCA) is the commercial inspection equivalent to a home inspection report. The PCA details the results of a visual and functional assessment of all types of commercial properties, buildings, office space, retail locations, and manufacturing facilities. Similar to our home inspections, we also provide a Thermal Imaging Scan at no extra charge, a Free Mold Risk Assessment, and Referral Insurance to all licensed Real Estate Professionals


checkbox 24 Years' Experience  checkbox Over 9,000 Inspections  checkbox 200% Satisfaction Guarantee  checkbox Servicing  SW Florida  checkbox Free Referral Insurance to All Real Estate Professionals