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Infrared Inspection for Commercial Property 

We use the most advanced Thermal Imaging Scan technology available together with our 20 years' experience and over 7,000 completed property inspections to measure the differences in heat signatures and inspect for potential problems. 


Technology, Integrity and Experience is a winning combination. We try to give our clients all three, as well as Professionalism, Customer Service, and Punctuality. We automatically include the most advanced technologies like FLIR Infrared Thermal Imaging cameras, meters and noninvasive probes in every property inspection at no extra charge. Thermal scans are invaluable because they help assess hidden and unexpected problems where the naked eye cannot see. And the most advanced mold assessment methods and testing technologies to identify potential mold problems is also automatically included at no extra charge as part of each property inspection. And we've developed a proprietary and comprehensive process to report the condition of your property, structure, appliances and systems into detailed written reports that are complete with pictures and recommendations. Inspectors Inc can quickly respond to all your inspection needs anywhere in SW Florida. Click here to schedule an appointment for any inspection package we offer. Or click here if you want information and videos regarding infrared home inspection.

We start with a Thermal Scan of the interior and exterior of your property. We use the most advanced thermal imaging technology in the business which detects any differences in heat signatures. For example, we can see where cold air is escaping a warm area or water is pooling up from a leak. If there is moisture, condensation, plumbing leaks, or air leaks, or our technology will identify these temperature differences even if they are hidden behind walls. A thorough visual inspection is also part of the mold assessment. If mold is present, or if their is the potential for mold, our mold assessment will identify it. We will detail our findings in your home inspection report.


Included with every inspection

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Infrared Inspections - Commercial Property





Infrared Inspections - Commercial Property




Infrared Inspections - Commercial Property



checkbox 20 Years' Experience  checkbox Over 7,000 Inspections  checkbox 200% Satisfaction Guarantee  checkbox Servicing  SW Florida  checkbox Free Referral Insurance to All Real Estate Professionals