Mold Assessment and Mold Inspection


Who needs a mold assessment? Anyone with sensitivities or allergies. Why? Because mold is everywhere because they are important to the circle of life. But excessive mold mycotoxins can cause health related problems for people and pets, especially those with sensitivities. And while it's normal that our bodies, living environments, and work environments are exposed to funghi, mold, and spores everyday, the problem is when these mycotoxins become overly prevalent in your indoor environments. And believe or not, if not treated, mold can eat your home or building. Sounds crazy, but its true. That's why every one of our property inspections includes a FREE Mold Risk Assessment by a Florida State licensed Mold Assessor. From our FREE Mold Risk Assessment we can tell if your property is at risk for mold related problems, and a candidate for a thorough Mold Inspection. A Mold Inspection will determine the amount of risk, the types of risk and where the risks are located in your property.  See below for more details about identifying or removing black mold here. Or schedule one of our property inspections that will include a mold risk assessment at no extra charge. 





Mold Assessment

Get the Details About Mold Risk Assessment

Every one of our property inspections includes a FREE Mold Risk Assessment. If you are at risk for mold, our training and our technology will identify it. We will then report our findings so that you can decide whether you need a full Mold Inspection. Please click here to see what is included in a FREE Mold Risk Assessment


 mold inspection

Mold Inspection by a Licensed and Certified Mold Inspector

If the FREE Mold Risk Assessment uncovers risk of mold in your property, we will report our findings to you. The next step is to make sure the level of mold and types of mold require remediation. If you have a problematic mold condition, our training and our technology will identify it and provide you a plan to eliminate it. Only a state licensed professional can perform a mold assessment, test for mold and take samples. Please click here for details about a mold inspection by a licensed Mold Inspector



Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation Follows the Mold Inspection

As certified Mold Assessor, Inspectors Inc can assess whether you are at risk for mold through the free risk assessment, then do a thorough mold inspection and testing for mold, and once that is done we can provide you with your mold remediation protocol and clearance testing. Click here to earn more about Mold Remediation.


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