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checkbox 20 Years' Experience

checkbox Over 7,000 Inspections

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Property Condition Assessment for ALL Size and Types of Commercial Property

Flexible, Customizable, and Professional

After 20 years, we know what Real Estate Professionals need and commercial property buyers want. Inspectors, Inc. provides a thocommercial building inspectionrough Property Condition Assessment by experienced professionals, detailed reports delivered quickly, customized pricing options and many extras. Our Property Condition Assessment will always commence with the ASTM Standared E 2018-08 as the baseline starting point, but will also include visual inspections, photos, written assessments and list of deficiencies (if present) for the HVAC systems, electrical systems, roof systems, plumbing systems, equipment and/or appliances, interior/exterior components, safety systems, alarm systems, egress lighting, common area parking, elevator operation, fire suppression systems, and fixtures and structural components. Every Property Condition Assessment automatically includes at no extra charge: Thermal Imaging, a phase 1 environmental inspection, Mold Risk Assessments, and Lifetime Consultations. We cover every referring Real Estate Professional with automatic referral insurance overage under our insurance policy, free of charge. Whenever possible, we will also interview building occupants, managers or the building engineer, review historical maintenance records, and blueprints for an added sense of perspective. 

Property Condition Assessment Pricing

We want every customer to know that we are flexible for pricing purposes. A Property Condition Assessment can include 100% of th property or a sampling. Each customer has the option to choose as little as a 25% inspection, or a 100% inspection.

If our inspection uncovers potential problems in specialized areas, we have researched many local vendors in their respective field of expertise. We have developed Trusted Associate relationships if referrals are needed for vertical transport, fire suppression, ADA compliance, termite removal,  mold remediation, or any other area, we can provide instant referrals. 



commercial Inspection

Licensed, Insured Building Inspector

When it comes to commercial building inspection, what you want most from your Inspector is experience and integrity. Inspectors, Inc. has 20 years' experience and an excellent reputation. We show up on time, do thorough inspections and provide detailed reports within 24 hours of completion. You can trust that we will earn your business and keep your business.  


commercial Inspection

A Commercial Building Inspection Report Includes:

Our commercial building inspection includes an assessment of current condition, life expectancy, repair/replacement estimates for roof systems, electrical system inspection, plumbing system inspection including hot water heaters, HVAC units, heat systems, interior/exterior walls, and other associated fixtures or structural wall components. 


checkbox 20 Years' Experience  checkbox Over 7,000 Inspections  checkbox 200% Satisfaction Guarantee  checkbox Servicing  SW Florida  checkbox Free Referral Insurance to All Real Estate Professionals