Thermal Imaging Scan - We See What the Naked Eye Cannot

We have totally "Upped Our Game"! We are now combining cutting edge technology with our stacks of know-how! When we inspect your property, we use visual inspection techniques together with infrared devices that combine to give you an unprecedented assessment of your property. It's all about the heat signature. We use the most advanced Thermal Imaging Scan technology to measure the differences in heat signatures and inspect for potential problems. Then we capture the images that show problem areas, and include them in our detailed inspection reports. If your home or commercial property has water leaks, energy loss, faulty wiring, weak or missing insulation, and potential mold sources, we will identify them. And we include the Thermal Imaging Scan at no extra charge in our Premium Residential Home Inspections and commercial property inspections

Thermal imaging Scan

This Thermal Scan shows the heat signature difference between a man's hand and the water leak seeping from the window and into the wall.


Thermal Imaging Scan - Water Leaks Thermal Imaging Scan - Water Leaks


Thermal Imaging Scan - Water Leaks 

With a Thermal Scan we can see water leaks and the damage it has created. Our thermal imaging camera is the most advanced of its kind. This means if there is a water leak problem, we will find it. Whether water is leaking currently, or there is moisture residue, we can spot the problem. And it doesn't mater whether it is behind the wall, up on your ceiling, or around your appliances.  

Thermal Imaging Scan - Energy Loss Thermal Imaging Scan - Energy Loss


Thermal Imaging Scan - Energy Loss

Our Thermal Imaging Scan will show whether hot air is coming in or cold air is leaking out, including leaking duct work. A Thermal Scan can really help save money especially on heating and air conditioning bills. It may even help prolong the life of your HVAC equipment. And if your windows are producing too much heat gain, as the picture to the left suggests, we will see that too. 


Thermal Imaging Scan - Faulty Wiring       Thermal Imaging Scan - Faulty Wiring


Thermal Imaging Scan - Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring tends to get hot. A Thermal Imaging Scan will detect problem spots in wiring if there is a potential issue. A Thermal Scan is beneficial because it can identify potential fire hazards associated with electrical systems and faulty wiring. A Thermal Scan can offer an increased level of comfort and security by identifying potential problems. 


Thermal Imaging Scan - Weak Insulation Thermal Imaging Scan - Weak Insulation


Thermal Imaging Scan - Weak Insulation

Weak insulation can be detected with a Thermal Imaging Scan. The heat signature differences between adequate insulation and inadequate insulation is easily identified with our thermal imaging equipment. This in turn can help to lower energy bills and extend the life of HVAC equipment. 


Thermal Imaging Scan - Mold Thermal Imaging Scan - Mold


Thermal Imaging Scan - Mold

Since all mold is closely associated with moisture, it is usually readily identifiable through a thermal imaging scan. Why? Because our advanced thermal imaging scans can detect even the slightest amount of moisture in or on building components. Since our inspections also include a FREE Mold Risk Assessment too, we will also report our findings and whether your home or building should have a full Mold Inspection. We know of no other Inspector that includes a FREE Mold Risk Assessment and FREE Thermal Scan for all property inspections. Call Inspectors, Inc. today. 941-761-8503

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