Wind Mitigation Form

The Wind Mitigation Form is created by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. Florida Law requires every insurance company to accept this standardized Wind Mitigation Form regardless of which insurance company you are submitting to. Every Wind Mitigation Form must be complete by a certified professional licensed by the State of Florida. The Wind Mitigation Form is required to include color photos of every wind mitigation device installed as part of the submitted report. The final document certifies the presence and proper installation of each and every wind mitigation device in the home. Florida has the highest insurance rates in the nation. Florida Law requires insurance companies, including Citizens Insurance, to provide discounts to qualifying applicants. Discounts can be as great as 60% in some cases. A Wind Mitigation Inspection is typically the only way to receive these discounts. Inspectors, Inc, can help. Insurance companies will only give discounts in accordance with the weakest link present. Insuring company discounts are a matter of public record and our available to anyone to review. If you are presently insured, the declaration page of your policy will provide the discounting mechanism. 






Wind Mitigation



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