wind mitigation


Wind Mitigation: Who Needs It and Why?

All property owners in Florida should know about wind mitigation. Wind mitigation is the minimizing or lessening of the effects or damage of severe wind. In Florida, wind mitigation is important for many reasons. In essence, mitigating wind involves the installation of devices that reinforce the strength of your property and protect it from strong wind and storms. Property owners should want mitigate wind for many reasons. One reason: because Florida has the highest property insurance rates in the nation. And unless the property owner does something to prove that their property is equipped with wind mitigating devices, they will mos likely charge you the highest rate possible. A Wind Mitigation Inspection can get you up to 60% discounts on your annual insurance premiums for up to 5 years per inspection. Aside from the huge savings and return on investment for many years to come, you can also increase the safety and security of your property. So, when you consider that the cost of wind mitigation is so inexpensive compared to its short and longer term value, there is no reason not to consider the inherent value of this inspection. Schedule a Wind Mitigation Inspection today to see if you qualify for huge savings on your insurance. 



wind mitigation



Wind Mitigation

A Wind Mitigation Inspection Can Get You Up To 60% Discounts

If you want get substantial savings on your homeowners insurance, then consider a Wind Mitigation Inspection. The cost of an inspection is low, while the return on the investment is very high. A Wind Mitigation Inspection is good for 5 years. It is possible to get 20 times or more return on your investment in savings. At Inspectors, Inc., We Have the Tools and We Know the Rules. And we have a good working relationship with all insurance companies, including Citizens Insurance. Learn more by clicking here: Wind Mitigation Form or Insurance Inspection


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