4 point inspection

4 Point Inspection

Buying a new home? Shopping insurance rates? Getting dropped by an insurance company? A 4 Point Inspection is often a requirement by an insurance company to4 Point Inspection determine eligibility and insurability. Most insurance companies require homes over 30 years old to have a 4 Point Inspection, but others insurance companies require one after only 10 years of age. Our goal is to give you a thorough 4 Point Inspection so that you can obtain insurance as quickly as possible. Inspectors, Inc. has a long-standing, excellent track record with all Florida insurance companies. 

A 4 Point Inspection includes 4 major areas: electrical, plumbing, HVAC and roof inspection. Inspectors, Inc. provides a detailed report complete with recommendations and pictures so that you can submit for insurance quickly. These reports certify the integrity of these four major components of your home including the age, type, condition and an estimate of the remaining useful life of each system. Our reports are delivered within 24 hours of a completed inspection. Schedule your own appointment online by clicking here or calling us at 941-761-8503. 


We Work With ALL Insurance Companies:

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4 Point Inspection Tile Roof 4 Point Inspection Roof

We inspect all types of roofs.

4 Point Inspection - ROOF

Every 4 Point Inspection includes a roof inspection. When it comes to the roof inspection, insurance companies are concerned with remaining useful life. Prior to issuing insurance, they want to know if the roof covering has a remaining useful life of 3-5 years. The roof inspection should also verify that no current leaks or damage is present. An insurance company requires a certified professionals to do an inspection and submit their findings in 4 Point Inspection report.  



4 Point - AC Inspection 4 Point - HVAC Inspection

We inspect all types of air conditioning & HVAC.


Every 4 Point Inspection includes an inspection of the HVAC system. This is another determining factor for insurance companies to decide if your property is eligible for insurance. To be eligible, the HVAC system must be operational and safe. Heat cannot be supplied by space heaters and any HVAC system must have no safety hazards present. 




4 Point - Electrical 4 Point - Electrical Inspection

We inspect the electrical systems and supplies. 

4 Point Inspection - ELECTRICAL SYSTEM

Every 4 Point Inspection includes an assessment of the electrical system since electrical problems are a common source of fires. Insurance companies include the electrical system in the 4 Point Inspection to determine the presence of safety hazards, fire hazards and damage. 



4 Point - Plumbing Inspection 4 Point Inspection- Plumbing

We inspect all components to the plumbing system. 

4 Point Inspection - PLUMBING SYSTEM

Every 4 Point Inspection also includes a plumbing system inspection. The insurance companies know leaking or damaged plumbing components can often cause severe collateral damage to the interior of the home and subsequent mold related problems. The insurance company requires an inspection of the condition, safety, and age age to mitigate risk of expensive structural and cosmetic damage, as well as expensive and hazardous mold issues. This part of the 4 Point Inspection inspects for leaks and hazards.  


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