Insurance Inspection and Why

Why get an Insurance Inspection? Mostly because property owners really don't have have a choice. The insurance companies usually require them before they will issue or renew a policy. And one major reason is because the risk of hurricanes and wind damage in Florida runs high. It's also why Homeowners Insurance in Florida is the most expensive in the nation. Most property owners already know this. But what many people don't know is that insurance companies can raise your premiums at anytime, or even cancel or deny insurance. We provide several Insurance Inspections that can help homeowners and any property buyers save money, or any property owner or buyer qualify to get insured or renewed. Our Wind Mitigation Inspections,  4 Point Inspection, and Roof Condition Certification are money-well-spent because they can help you establish insurance eligibility, lower your premiums, or even help you receive significant discounts. When it comes to insurance inspections, we have the tools and we know the rules.

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When choosing your property inspector, choose Inspectors, Inc. There's a reason we're #1 in Southwest Florida. Our close attention to detail, the quality of our reports, the level of customer service, our 24 years' experience, or the fact that we offer so much more. It could also be our use of technology or our strong working relationship with all the insurance companies.  

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Wind Mitigation inspection

Wind Mitigation Inspection - The Best Value Insurance Inspection

A Wind Mitigation Inspection is a great return on investment. The return outweighs the cost by a long shot. The return is provided by way of discounts on insurance premiums for up to 5 years and more. In some cases, a wind mitigation inspection can save two to three times the cost of the inspection in the first year. To learn more about Wind Mitigation Inspection, please follow the link.  



Insurance Inspection

Four Point Insurance Inspection

A Four Point Insurance Inspection is often required by an insurance company to determine eligibility to be insured. Insurance companies do have the right to deny coverage or even terminate coverage under certain conditions, or even at will in some cases. A Four Point Inspection is usually conducted on structure over 20 years old for the sake of obtaining insurance. A detailed report of findings will be provided to each customer. Click here for details of a Four Point Inspection


Roof Condition Certification Form

Certified Roof Inspections - A Required Insurance Inspection

Most insurance companies require a roof certification inspection. A certified roof inspection may be necessary for the sake of obtaining insurance. Insurance companies have many requirements for not only obtaining insurance but keeping insurance. Inspectors, Inc has 24 years' experience doing inspections and we have had a long-standing relationship with the insurance companies. We first do the  inspection and then provide documentation to submit to the insuring company. Click here for more about Roof Condition Certifications and the insurance form needed to obtain insurance.  


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