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 Home buyers want to protect their investment while Realtors want to protect their clients. Inspectors, Inc. understands! And that's why we provide the most comprehensive home inspections available and include more extras than other Home Inspectors. We automatically include with all Premium Home Inspections: Thermal Imaging, Mold Risk Assessments, and Lifetime Consultations with hundreds of inspection points detailed in our home inspection reports.





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Home Inspection Thermal Scan


Thermal Imaging Scan FREE with Premium Home Inspection

We See What the Naked Eye Cannot. Every one of our Premium Home Inspections automatically includes an Infrared Thermal Imaging Scan. We use this revolutionary technology because it enables us to look through your walls to find changes in temperature. Temperature changes can signal potential major problems such as: overheating electrical components, water leaks, structural damage, excessive condensation, poor insulation, moisture damage, and/or heating/cooling losses. We include details of our thermal imaging scans in the final home inspection report and suggest actions, if needed. Click here if you want more details and videos regarding infrared home inspection


Home Inspection Mold Risk Assessment


Mold Risk Assessment Included with Premium Home Inspection

Each Premium Home Inspection automatically includes a Mold Risk Assessment. If your home or property is at risk for mold, inspectors, Inc will identify it and report or findings to you, including recommendations. Our certified Mold Assessor has 24 years' experience with over 9,000 complete home inspections. This experience and the latest technology combine to create an unbeatable and trustworthy pair. For more details about the Mold Risk Assessment please, click here.


Each Home Inspection Will Also Include the Following: 


Home Inspection HVAC

HVAC Inspection

A detailed inspection of the operation and condition of each heating and air conditioning system is a part every home inspection. We will run tests in all modes of operation as well as a visual inspection of all components. Inspectors, Inc. will then provide a details of our findings as part of the home inspection report. The report will summarize the general health of the system, age and overall condition. The home inspection report will include HVAC recommendations and solutions, as needed.  


Home Inspection Electrical Inspection

Electrical Inspection

A detailed inspection of the operation and condition of the electrical system is a major component to any home inspection. We combine 24 years' experience and modern technology to provide a comprehensive review of the electrical system and GFCI/AFCI circuit protection, the electrical meters, the main service panel and circuit breakers, and any sub-panels. We also check for grounding, and the location of your main shut off switch. We inspect for arcing, improper wiring, recalled service panels, safety and fire hazards, and faulty workmanship. Our findings together with any recommendations will be detailed in the final home inspection report. 


Home Inspection Plumbing

Plumbing Inspection

A detailed inspection of the operation and condition of the plumbing system is included as part of every home inspection. We use visual techniques and our thermal imaging technology to identify any moisture areas not seen with the naked eye such as behind the walls and around toilets, tubs, showers, drains, traps, bidets, sinks, shut-off valves, hot water heaters, laundry hook-ups, water meters, waste lines, and supply lines. We also document the location of the main water supply, the type and location of supply lines, and the presence of water purification systems and water softeners, if any. The final home inspection report will provide details our findings, as well any recommendations. 


Home Inspection Kitchen

Bathroom/Kitchen/Laundry & Appliance Inspection

Each home inspection includes a thorough review of bathrooms, the kitchen, the laundry room and the major appliances. The bathroom inspection tests or inspects toilets, ventilation, showers, bathtubs, whirlpool tubs and the functionality or condition of tiles, sinks, faucets, and electrical outlets. In the kitchen, we inspect the cabinetry, all major appliances including the refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, ovens, cook-tops, built-in microwaves, and ventilation. The Laundry room inspection assesses washer/dryer condition and operation, dryer exhaust, plumbing hookups, gas & electrical supply lines, laundry sink, faucet and plumbing functionality. The final home inspection report will detail our findings, as well list any recommendations. 


Home Inspection Interior


As part of each inspection we include a preliminary security review of the windows and doors. We start with a visual inspection of the doors, windows, hinges and related hardware. This aspect of the home inspection includes: windows, window screens, window locks, interior and exterior doors, entry ways, pocket doors, sliding glass doors, French doors, screen doors, and sliding glass doors for both hardware function and operation. It also includes a review of smoke detectors, ceiling fans, ceilings, flooring, caulking, and fireplaces. 


Home Inspection Roofing

Roofing Inspection

Every home inspection will include an evaluation of the condition of all roofing materials including shingles, tiles, chimneys, roof vents, valleys, roof transitions, flat roll roofing, shakes, flashing, HVAC units, and possible necessary repairs, conditions which may cause a roof leak in the future, drip edges, downspouts and gutters. We will also access the building permit if obtainable for review. The final home inspection report will include the current age, condition and estimated remaining useful life of the roof covering as well as recommendations for repairs or replacements, if needed. If you would like learn how to get insurance discounts based upon your roof condition, or more about other insurance related roof inspections,  please click here. We can help you get you insurance discounts!


Home Inspection Exterior


Every home inspection will include an inspection of the home's exterior and outdoor property including drainage, walkways, structure, electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures. This aspect of the inspection is a visual review of lanai & pool cages, porches, attached decks, balconies, exterior walls, railings, and stairways. We then inspect soffit and fascia, gutters, outside trim, downspouts, hose bibs, the foundation (where visible), drip edges and any foliage or landscaping touching the home. And we will also inspect the gates, fences, driveways, retaining walls and any noticeable areas of concern. The finalized home inspection report will include information about the exterior of the home and the outdoor property conditions. We will provide recommendations and solutions, as needed.