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Wind Mitigation Inspections Sarasota Fl wind mitigation inspection wind mitigation inspection Wind Mitigation inspection

In Florida, you must prove insurance eligibility by inspecting the integrity of the roof upon applying. But even after proving eligibility you should understand the rules to keep your rates down or even maintain insurance eligibility. For example, if a home has a shingle roof of more than 25 years old OR your home is older than 50 years and your roof has any other type of roof material, proof is required that your roof has been replaced or that the remaining useful life is at least three more years. Inspectors, Inc. is licensed to offer several inspections that help you with both eligibility and discounts. 

In order to ensure your coverage eligibility, you need the required inspection and certification form. We provide insurance inspections for all Florida insuring companies, including Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. All necessary documentation needed to demonstrate eligibility for coverage is completed by a Florida Licensed Contractor. Inspectors, Inc. stores the completed Roof Condition Certification Form (CIT RCF-1108) and digital photos on a secure server for easy retrieval if copies are needed. For details on each type of insurance inspection, please see below. And trust that Inspectors, Inc. will inspect your roof in a timely manner and provide you the completed forms you need within 24 hours. Schedule your own appointment now by clicking here. 

Why schedule a wind mitigation inspection? The reasons are many. Consider the potential money you can save in Florida, the state that has the highest property insurance rates in the country. Considering that your savings will surpass the cost many times over...it is  a great investment. Consider the safety and security of your family members and personal property. Or how about the sole purpose of ensuring your homes' insurability. 

Did you know these facts about a wind mitigation inspection? 

  • Florida Law requires insurance companies to give homeowners discounts
  • These discounts can lower your monthly mortgage payment when insurance is escrowed as part of your payment
  • A wind mitigation inspection form and discounts are valid for 5 years 
  • Inspectors, Inc. will deliver your wind mitigation inspection paperwork within 24 hours 

Inspectors, Inc. has completed thousands of wind mitigation inspections. We work closely with every insurance company in the state of Florida, including Citizens Insurance. Once the inspection is complete, we will send you a completed Wind Mitigation Inspection Report within 24 hours so you can submit your insurance company as quickly as possible. 


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What is Wind Mitigation and Why Do I Need A Wind Mitigation Inspection

Wind mitigation lessens the effects of the destructive force of wind. A wind mitigation inspection helps you to determine how strong your home is to resist hurricane forces. In Florida, the primary concern is the wind damage caused by hurricanes. Hurricane season is 6 months long. As a result, it makes sense that Florida insurance is the most expensive in the nation. What makes even more sense is inspecting for the presence of wind mitigation devices and earning those substantial discounts. We have the tools and we know the rules. For more about wind mitigation click here


Wind Mitigation Inspection Form

Get the Form - Wind Mitigation Inspection

In Florida, a Wind Mitigation Inspection Form must be completed and signed by a Florida-licensed professional. Inspectors, Inc. will complete your wind mitigation inspection, complete and return your form within 24 hours of completing the inspection. Click here if you would like to print a copy of the whole form. 



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Florida Wind Mitigation Insurance Discount Calculator

Florida law requires that discounts and refunds be provided to the eligible insured. If you have a qualifying wind mitigation inspection, you can receive up to 60% discounts on your homeowners insurance. For estimated savings call us now at 941-761-8503, or consider using this Florida Wind Mitigation Insurance Discount Calculator


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Citizens Insurance 

We work closely with Citizens Property Insurance Corporation and all other Insuring companies in the sate of Florida for all types of insurance inspections. For more information about Citizens and other companies, click here


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